This is the other side of the family.  I’ve come along way in this research, especially with the Peterson’s from Chippewa Falls, PopeCounty, MN and the Grossman’s from Manchester, Washtenaw County, MI, having almost no information to begin with on those families.   The Quackenbush family information comes mostly from a tree handed down within the family, and I have added some information from my own research.
Photo:  William Quackenbush & Maud (McDermott) Quackenbush

Starting with an old family tree that many of our family worked on in the 1970’s I have been able to gain more insight into where our family came from and who they were.  
The Miller’s in the picture lived in Tenino, WA.  Roscoe in the picture is my Grandfather.  He married Myrtle Olive Probst on March 11,1915.  Myrtle was born in Black Diamond, Washington in 1896.  Her parents were Dominick Probst and Austia Carter.  Here is a link to the Carter genealogy. 
Dominick Probst hailed from New Martinsville, Wetzel County, WestVirginia, his parentsTheophilus “David” and Verena “Fannie” Probst who were both born in Switzerland, and all of Dominick’s siblings changed their last name to Brooks.  Only Dominick kept the name Probst.  There are Probsts that we are related to, who are decendants of Dominick’s Uncles (David Brook’s brothers), Joseph and Augustus Probst.
My Great Grandparents Charles Wesley Miller and Louisa Anne Farrow (in pic. below) were both born in Indiana.  Charles’ parents were Alexander Miller b.KY and Anna Maria Wright b.IN.  Charles also had a Step-Mother Amanda (Hargett) Hillis and several step-brothers.  Louisa had been orphaned by the age of 13, and until 2/2005 I had been trying to find out who her parents were.  I finally found her death certificate (filed as Lulu Miller) and confirmed that she was the daughter of Joseph W. Farrow and Margaret Ann Davis of Boone County, IN.  Louisa travelled to Nebraska with the George and Martha Shelley family who were raising her.
Louisa and Charles met at a party in Lincoln, Nebraska and were married there March 11, 1886.  They lived in Nebraska and Kansas, then at the urging of neighbors who had moved west, the Miller’s moved toTenino,WA in June of 1900.
In Photo:

Charles and Louisa (Farrow) Miller family 1907:   Backrow: Bill, Mable, Roscoe, Claude  Frontrow: Ollie, Pearl, Charles, Louisa, Earl

Through the generosity of other genealogy researchers in our family and people on the internet  I have compiled genealogy dating back to the 1500’s for some families.  I owe a great amount of gratitude to those people who have shared their work with me.   In the picture below, Albert Skinner is my Great-Grandfather.  His wife was Ida Medora Makinster.  They lived in Foster, Faribault County, Minnesota.  Their son Durain Dewey Skinner was my Grandfather. 
Ida Makinster was the daughter of  Dewey Makinster and Eliza Pepper both born in New York, who raised their children, Durain,  Major, Surviva, Ida and Josephine in Wisconsin and Minnesota.  My Grandfather Durain Skinner married Lydia Gerber both born in MN.  Lydia’s parents were Jacob Gerber  b. NY and Eliza Benz, born in Osthofen, Hessen, Germany.

Albert Skinner was the son of Daniel E. Skinner b.1822 (in photo) and Annah Swan from Connecticut.  Daniel E. Skinner was descended from two members of the Thomas Hooker Party that came to settle Connecticut.  Connecticut Governor John Webster & wife Agnes Smith and Mr. John Skinner & wife Mary Loomis.  Oddly, these connections are both through Daniel’s mother Sophia Webster whose mother was Susanna Skinner.  The origins of Daniel’s father, Daniel Skinner b.1797 are to this date unconfirmed.

Governor John Webster was also the Great-Great-Grandfather of dictionary publisher NoahWebster.

Now, tokeep all this notoriety in perspective!  If your family came to America in the 1500’s1600’s, it is fairly assured that you will be related to someone famous (or infamous!) as there just weren’t that many people in America then.  Info. about these family links is to show that if you want an interesting way to learn history, genealogy is a fun way to do it!
In Photo: 
Four Generations – Daniel Edwin Skinner b. 1822, Norma Siebel, Osyth (Skinner) Siebel & Albert A. Skinner